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Issue 103 - March 22, 2018




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Photographic Celibacy: My Thoughts Ten Years Later




March 22, 2018


Photographic Celibacy: My Thoughts Ten Years Later


It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten years since I first started practicing Photographic Celibacy. It’s hard to believe because I never thought that I would do this for so long. I figured that it would last for 3-4 years and then be done with it.


So what is Photographic Celibacy, why did I start this practice, why am I still doing it and what are my thoughts some ten years later?


First, the story on how Photographic Celibacy came to be...






A Few New Images




Monolith No. 103



Harbinger No. 32



Cape Blanco



Clouds Above Hills



Self-Shadow, Sunset Bay



Last Gasp



Beach Rocks



Cloud Underbelly



Dead Bird on Beach



Feather on Rocks




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My Exhibition Print Sale ends 3/31/2018. Click on the link below to see what's for sale.






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The winner of my last drawing is Carl Rittenhouse who will be taking home a prototype of my book "Short Stories."


Congratulations Carl! Please contact me and arrange for your book to be delivered.





This new drawing will be for a print of "Windsurfing" above.


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