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Issue 102 - February 16, 2018


Hello Cole,


Here are two new images from a recent trip to Arizona/New Mexico/Utah.


Harbinger No. 31 above and Harbinger No. 30 below.


And while in Arizona I was able to visit Taliesin West and Arcosanti, a special treat for those who love architecture!


In this newsletter I'm announcing that my "Exhibition Print Sale" has returned.


I have many "gently used" images for sale at "gently used" prices. You can read the details below.






Exhibition Print Sale


About every two years I hold an "Exhibition Print Sale." These are prints that have been exhibited and displayed, are in great condition but cannot be sold as new.


This includes framed images, matted images and prints.


I have limited storage space and if you've seen my home gallery, you'll appreciate that I'm bursting at the seams with images. And to make things more urgent, we are planning on moving and drastically downsizing in a few years.


There's a great deal of variety in both images and price. Click on the link below to see what's available. The sale starts on 2/16/2018 and ends 3/31/2018.


I have




The Story Behind The Image - Faroe Islands No. 33


During my month-long stay in the Faroe Islands it seemed like it was always raining in Torshvan where I was staying and so I'd go north where the weather was better. Heading there I'd go through this one very long tunnel and when I came out this is the scene I was greeted with. I was captivated by it: the enormous bay, the patterns on the water, the wild sky and I particularly loved the symmetry of the hills.


The problem was that the spot I wanted to photograph from was right outside of the mouth of the tunnel and it was a narrow two lane road. To the right there was a guardrail and a steep drop to the ocean and to the left a hillside. It was difficult to find a spot to pull off or to setup.


I did find a small construction turnout, walked to my desired spot and jumped the guardrail. I had about 18 inches of space to set up my tripod and shoot, which was plenty as long as I kept my balance and didn't go down the hill. But it turns out that was not as easy as it seemed.


There were these sea birds flying overhead and they were loudly squawking, clearly upset that I was there. But then they started making another much different sound and started swooping close to my head. I was suddenly in a scene out of Hitchcock's "The Birds."


It got so bad that while I was doing a long exposure, I'd have to wave my cap in the air to keep them off my head. (in all fairness to the birds, they never did make physical contact...only liquid) Interestingly, I ran into that breed of bird several times around the islands and at one location I was driven away and could not photograph there.


Now back to the scene: I photographed it many, many times during that month and in many different lighting and weather conditions. The composition was always the same but the lighting and clouds were always different.


This image, No. 33, is the one that I love the most. I was fortunate to have a great sky just as the sun illuminated the opening of the bay. It's a very simple composition and one of my favorites from the trip.


Sometimes you're lucky and can create an image quickly, while at other times you must go back again and again and again before you get it right. That's the advantage of going to one location for a long period of time., you get several second chances.


I've produced a number of audio recordings of the stories behind my images and have posted them on my website.


You'll find many tall tales there...and some of them are even true!


Click on the button below to listen.


Moab Photo Symposium


I created this image, Mill Creek Falls, back in 2009 when I spoke and conducted a workshop at the Moab Photo Symposium.


And now, nine years later, I'm back baby!


This is the final year for the Moab Photo Symposium and so you may want to consider attending. The Dates are: May 3-6, 2018.


If youíve not been to Moab before, that alone should motivate you to attend. But this Symposium is about so much more than location. Itís about learning and pursuing your Vision with a group of like minded artists.


My presentation and workshop will be focused on Vision, which is my favorite topic, because as I like to say: nothing else matters. 


If youíre interested in attending, please check out the details:


Discovering Old Images


I was going through some old directories on my computer and discovered a large number of forgotten images. This is one of them, it's called "Dahlia and Hidden Face."


When I created the Dahlia mini-series, I did not include this image...but I cannot remember why.


Because looking at it now, I like it and have included it.


New Blog Post: Creating "Honest Work"


What does it mean to create "Honest Work?"


Click on the link below to read the article.



Print Drawing


The winner of my last drawing is Adam Burke who will be taking home a print of "Faroe Islands No. 8."


Congratulations Adam! Please contact me and arrange for your print to be delivered.





This new drawing will be for a prototype book I am working on called "Short Stories " (above)


It's only my first pass and will no doubt change greatly, but right now it has about 175 pages with images from most of my portfolios.


The rear cover photo is me at 14 years old. I think every young photographer saw the self-portrait by Andreas Feininger (below) and tried to copy it. This was my meager attempt back in 1968.


To enter this newsletter drawing, send an email to me at and put "Short Stories " in the subject line.



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