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Mesquite Dunes No. 208


Mesquite Dunes No. 194


Mesquite Dunes No. 193


Mesquite Dunes No. 192


Mesquite Dunes No. 191


Mesquite Dunes No. 190


Mesquite Dunes No. 187


Mesquite Dunes No. 178


Mesquite Dunes No. 176


Mesquite Dunes No. 212


Mesquite Dunes No. 1
Death Valley Floor No. 1
Breakfast at Zabriskie's
Below Sea Level
Death Valley Floor No. 2
Sierra Wave
Ancient Stone No. 34
Ancient Stones No. 33
Ancient Stones No. 32
Ancient Stones No. 31
Ancient Stones No. 36
Jim Bridger Power Plant (no you can't, yes I can)
The Duke of Uke (aka: John Barclay)
Harbinger No. 29, Borax Hills
Harbinger No. 28, Death Valley


Harbinger No. 27, Mt Whitney
Harbinger No. 26, East of Lone Pine
Harbinger No. 25, Death Valley
Ancient Stones No. 29
Self Shadow, Oregon Sea Cave
Run Aground
Rocky Point
Pilings Near Dunes
Monolith No. 102
Monolith No. 101
Monolith No. 100
Monolith No. 99
Monolith No. 98
Monolith No. 96
Monolith No. 95
Lone Man No. 56
Five Sticks
Dunes of Nude No. 176
Dunes of Nude No. 175
Basket of Driftwood


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