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Grain Silos: Enduring Giants, Created by Man
When I created my first grain silo image, it immediately reminded me of the statues of Easter Island.
Both stand alone, emotionless and watching.  And like the Easter Island statues, they are enduring
giants who silently watch as man scurries about full of self-importance.
As I moved in closer, I began to notice the unique way in which light reflected from their torsos onto
the adjacent surfaces and how each hour transformed the same image into a different view.  I saw
intricate variations in the seemingly homogenous materials from which they were built.
Grain silos are generally observed from a distance and seen solely as functional objects.  But up close
they bear little resemblance to their functional selves and are revealed as strong sculptures with
stark contrasts and abstract shapes.   Up close they expose a beautiful and enduring permanence.


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