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Ceiling Lamps

Ceiling Lamps; functional objects or objects of art?
The first time I really noticed a ceiling lamp was in a hotel lobby in Uniontown, Ohio.  I was intrigued
by how it looked when I stood directly below it; from that perspective it was an abstract kaleidoscope and didn't
resemble the functional object that I had viewed from the side.  As I lay on the lobby floor, studying the lamp,
I decided to produce this portfolio.
Over the next year I photographed hundreds of ceiling lamps and laid on many floors; restaurants, hotels,
offices, stores, businesses and homes.  Each lamp presented a different challenge of access, lighting,
depth or color.  Each new lamp triggered another idea.
Whenever I consider this project completed, I see another lamp that excites my imagination.  Everywhere I go,
I still find myself looking up. 


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